Glass is a subject of my expression. It is a means of feelings and ideas achievement.
It reflects my memories and experience found in my surroundings.
And just glass is the material helping me in it.
In my works I am trying to reach contrasts, colourfulness and space.


In my objects I am trying to express the way of my feeling as well as of influence of countryside and all connected matters on me.
Sequencing of glass sheets individually one after another forms multiple spatial compositions.
I create different coloured planes completed with fragments of maps,geodetic symbols, quotes, numbers and other materials as paper, textile and plastics.


All shapes are certain challenges for me. I want to give them a new face
using colours and pick out their form and/or give place for the painting.
I create varicoloured surfaces defined with lines and completed with numbers, symbols and maps.
Simplified views of sportgrounds, sports facilities and riding circuits are generated.
I am inspired anywhere certain order for space and plane rules.


I understand glass also as a material helping me in creating new objects or subjects of an interesting shape.
I am experimenting also with other techniques than painting.
Using drilling, cutting, grinding, gluing and fusing I give the glass a new shape as well as a new functionality.